Jan 15, 2019

How does your IQOS warranty work?

In IQOS we believe that quality is giving value to exceed your expectations. For this reason, we want you to always have the best experience with permanent support after acquiring your IQOS. Your device includes:

• The IQOS Pocket Charger has a one year warranty or 7300 charges, whichever comes first, from the delivery date.

• The IQOS Holder has a one year warranty or 7300 uses, whichever comes first, from the date of delivery.

• The IQOS Power Adapter is guaranteed for one year from the date of delivery.

• The USB Cable also has a one-year warranty from the date of delivery.


To claim your warranty, you may take your device to our authorized stores or call the Customer Service Center.


This service applies when:


• Your device has been purchased in Colombia at IQOS Boutique, Pop-up stores, Shop in shops, ecommerce or through a commercial agent.

• When you approach one of our IQOS Stores and our authorized staff confirms the malfunction or damage to the component or one of its parts.

• The malfunction or damage of the component is confirmed by the Customer Service Center. In that case, we will initiate the replacement order process in which we will pick up your damaged product and replace it with a new IQOS. The previous validation of the Customer Service Center can be done through video call of the agent and the user, or through a phone call, when the proper diagnosis is made to confirm the malfunction or damage to the device. The estimated visit time after validation is 48 hours to 10 days. You must return the damaged component.

• When the Colombian Tobacco Company S.A.S. determines if in any of the cases in which the coverage of the guarantee does not apply, you can make a replacement or change of any of the components of your IQOS device.


The coverage of our guarantee does not apply on the following circumstances:


• Cosmetic damages arising from use, such as scratches, dents or broken plastic.

• Damage to any of the components of the IQOS device caused by misuse, power overload, improper handling, contact with liquid, fire or elimination of the serial number.

• Malfunction due to use with non-compatible products, as specified in the user guide.

• Damage or malfunction caused by attempts to open, modify or repair any component of the IQOS device, both by the user and by a service technician not accredited by the importer.

• The IQOS Pocket Charger has exceeded 7300 charges.

• The IQOS Holder has exceeded 7300 uses.

• Loss or theft of the IQOS device.


If you are an IQOS user, it is important that you follow the User's Guide for the device care, so that you may obtain a better experience and performance of your IQOS. Care as cleaning, proper use and battery recharging as indicated in the guide, will allow your IQOS to remain in the best conditions.


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