The accessories that all IQOS Lover should have

Feb 6, 2019

The accessories that every IQOS Lover should have

Replacing cigarette is more fun when you get rid of objects that you no longer need: ashtrays, lighters and even hand sanitizers. For those who decided to leave the smoke behind, there is a whole list of new accessories that will improve your IQOS experience.


Here are the 8 essential accessories you need to enjoy your IQOS to the fullest:


1. Color Cap: Color Caps are available in 12 different colors to give your IQOS originality. Customize your experience with a wide variety of shades, from metallic to bright. This way you will have the best expression of your own style.

Color Cap accesorios IQOS

 2. Door Cover: Available for your IQOS 3 in 12 different colors to customize any occasion, a style for every moment.

Door cover accesorios IQOS

3.Leather Pouch: Protects your IQOS from bumps and scratches with this practical genuine Italian leather case, which allows you to carry your device with a touch of elegance.

Leather Pouch accesorios IQOS

4. Duo Folio: Easily carry your IQOS with you and an additional Holder. This way you can charge a Holder while you use the other. This way you will not lose any time.

Duo folio accesorios IQOS

5. Charging Dock: An elegant design that allows you to charge your device and at the same time, fill your spaces with style.

Charging Dock accesorios IQOS


6. Car Charger: This charger, designed for vehicles, is the perfect companion for when you are on the move. Charge your device's battery while you arrive at your destination.

Car Charger accesorios IQOS

7. Ceramic o Car Stick Tray: With ceramic and metal elements, or in aluminum, they become the perfect accessory - and a comfortable way – for the dispose of used HEETS at home or at work. A stylish addition to your spaces and a cleaner experience.

Ceramic o Car Stick Tray accesorios IQOS


8. Car Mount: The best way to charge your IQOS 3 while you're inside a vehicle; place this accessory easily in the vents of any car. With this design you can move at the speed of life without interruptions.

Car mount accesorios IQOS


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