Dec 18, 2018

Learn the differences between IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 MULTI 

After the launch of IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 MULTI, users must get ready to choose the best alternative to replace their current devices. Bellow, we offer you some facts so you can make the best decision:


• The IQOS 3 Pocket Charger allows the Holder to be charged 15% (40 seconds) faster than the 2.4 Plus version, and has a slimmer design than previous versions, making it lighter and easier to carry. Likewise, IQOS 3 MULTI becomes the first IQOS that does not require Pocket Charger and has capacity for 10 continuous uses (75 minutes) without having to charge it between HEETS.


• IQOS 3 has the most compact Holder and has some design features that make it look much more sophisticated. Meanwhile, the IQOS 3 MULTI with no longer Pocket Charger is presented as a light and portable alternative, designed for people with a hectic lifestyle.


• Weight is one of the most important differences between the two devices. While IQOS 3, has a Holder that weighs 22 grams and a Pocket Charger that weighs 103 grams (125 grams in total), IQOS 3 MULTI weighs only 50 grams.


Some characteristics in common:


• Both devices have more than 570 customization options with multiple color options.


• IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 MULTI have a battery that doubles its useful life with up to 14,600 uses compared to the previous version IQOS 2.4 Plus.


• The new devices have Bluetooth technology, which allows them to be connected with the IQOS Connect app (Available for Android) that provides information on its use, percentage of remaining charge, and notifies users about the latest news about the brand, among others functions.


Difficult decision, right? If you have not yet decided and want to know more about the new devices in order  to identify their attributes in detail and make the best decision, we invite you to enter here, so that we can help you in the process.


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